Confused Newbie!

I am new to ‘hosting’ - I’ve had blogs on before, but now am starting a website that needs to be hosted. So I got started here, got a domain name and am trying the two week trial. I did the one click for WordPress which I’m assuming worked - got email link that sent me to WordPress, signed in, and am able to access dashboard, etc., so I’m good to go and assume that I will just always go to WordPress to work on my site. My question is: is there anything I need to do on DreamHost - I clicked on some links and quite honestly none of it makes any sense to me! I just want to make sure there’s nothing more for me to do HERE - any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

When you chose your one click install you had a choice between ‘simple’ and ‘custom’.

If you choose ‘simple’ your wp files are not accessible to you. If you chooses ‘custom’ then they are.
Why do you care? if you ever want to add a custom theme or plugin to your installation you need custom, not simple.

I chose ‘custom’ and like I said everything is good as far as I can go to WordPress and work on my site…I need to know if there’s ANYTHING I should have done on the DreamHost site regarding my site. I’ve read several articles on setting up a hosted website and they go into a lot of detail of ‘things’ you need to do - ALL I did was pick a domain name, provide my name, billing info, etc. and install WordPress - Is that it? I did not do ANYTHING else on the DreamHost site. Thanks for any insight!

If your WordPress site works for you, there’s nothing else to do through the DreamHost panel. Customize it to your liking through wp-admin and start adding content.

So I don’t need to do anything on the link “Domain Manager” ??? Sorry for sounding like a dumb @ss but my brain is now overloaded from researching on too many different sites! I know I read (somewhere) about adding ‘name servers’ so that your site is actually working through the host? I went on “domain manager” but didn’t change anything cause basically I have no idea if I should be changing and/or adding anything! It would be nice if they had a step by step tutorial …

If you bought your domain AND hosting here, that’s all you need. Again, if you can see your site through your browser, you’re all set.

Yes, I bought my domain and hosting here…thanks so much, greatly appreciated!