Confused about Web ID


I tried to look at the statistics for my site by using /stats after my site address. It asked for an id and password. I have an id associated with the site that I use for ftp. That didn’t work. I have a different id that shows up whenever I’m on the web panel. I never created that id, it just showed up. That didn’t work either. I also tried my e-mail address and that also didn’t work. I use the same password for all dreamhost areas (I know not cool but that’s how I set it up) so I don’t think that’s the problem. Please help me to understand the three ids: site userid, panel userid, e-mail address.

And how do I change the panel user id? It says this at the overview edit preferences page: “Web ID Central Your DreamHost Web ID is a unique identifier which allows you access to all our various systems! Come here to whenever you want to make changes to your Web ID. You’ll only ever need one Web ID, and it’s cool to simply keep one ID up to date for everything.” I put that address in the address bar but did not get to a function to change the id. How can I change the web id and how do I know which one it is?

Thanks for your help.


Sorry to bother everybody. I discovered I was misspelling the Web ID when I was looking for /stats. DUH!


I haven’t figured that out. So please enlighten me.



Yes, that can be more than just a little confusing. I’m not sure I can help much, but I will try to explain it the way I understand it.

The “userid” is the name of a “machine user”, and each account can have an unlimited number of these. This is the “users” that manageers and FTP/Shell account on the server, and under whose permissions CGI programs are run by the webserver (suEXEC for the technically minded). Depending upon when you signed up for your account, it may, or may not, be the same as your “WebID” (which is generally what you are referring to as the "panel userid) - more on that later!). Older accounts, created back when you could select your own “WebID”, often have the same “user id” as the “WebId” (if you set it up that way).

The “panel id” you are likely referring to is actually either the “WebID” assigned to you when you created your account, or the WebID of another DreamHost user to whom you may have assigned account privileges in the control panel (to help manage aspects of your account). Newer accounts have a “WebId” created for you by the system, and it usually is a combination of your first and last name’s first three letters. DreamHost is actually pretty much phasing out the use of the WebID in favor of the email address, and at present you can sign into the Control Panel using either the WebID or your “primary” email address associated with your account.

Neither of these should be confused with the “user is” that manages an FTP or Shell account though, as I mentioned before, there are cases where they may be the same (older accounts).

All that said, you use either the “WebID” or your the email address associated with your account to log into the Control Panel, and your “User ID (s)” to log into your FTP or Shell accounts.

If you go to that address, and look further down the page, you will see two sections - one for “Contact Info” and one for “Security” From the “Security” link, you can change the password associated with your WebID, but your WebID cannot be changed. You could, of course, create another, but there is no need to do that. :wink:

The easiest way to discern exactly what your Current WebID is, is to review your “Welcome” emails from Dreamhost (it’s in there), or to write support should you not be able to find it. Note that you really don’t need your “WebID” for any function anymore, as you can always use your associated email address in it’s place (which has been the case for quite some time now).

There is additional information about much of this in the DreamHost wiki:

As for getting at your “Stats”, the easiest way to sort your password problems there, is to just go in the Control Panel to the Site Statistics page, and click on the little “wrench” icon under the “# of users with Access” column. This will take you to a page where you can change the password for any existing “stats” users, and/or add additional user/pass combinations for accessing the “stats” directory of your site (often useful to allow a client to see the stats without allowing them any other account privileges). :wink:

I hope some of this has helped make things more clear, though I recognize I might have only succeeded in confusing things further!




I was typing while you were updating your question(s). Please see my response to your earlier post, and see if that helps.

There really should never be a need to change your WebID (and you actually can’t change it). :wink:



Thank you. Now I know I can’t change it. So I’ll be happy with my assignment. :slight_smile: