Confused about TOS and file storage

I’m considering Dreamhost to possibly host a private website that would be used for design collaboration between several of our product design team members who are spread around the world. So, we would be using SVN and have a project management app installed (Redmine or activeCollab, most likely) that allowed upload of files for us to share and review amongst us.

The team is small, though, and the files would not be accessed very often at all, and hardly ever by more than one person at a time.

Several projects would be involved, with more projects added over time. Files uploaded and accessible via the project management app, as well as items on SVN, would stay on the the site/server even after we were done with a particular project so we could review them or re-use them later if need be. That is, some of the files (accessible via the project management app) would be in long-term storage on the site, potentially, which might be considered “archiving” them I suppose.

I’m a little confused and concerned, though, because the Terms of Service says that the hosting can’t be used for sites with the purpose of “file upload/sharing/archive”.

– Would our usage violate these terms? For that matter, doesn’t the use of Subversion itself technically violate this because it’s “file upload/sharing” amongst us?

– I’ve seen some reference to fairly small upload size limitations like 7M, but it’s unclear to me as to whether this can be changed. A fair number of our files would be at least a little bit out of that range. On rare occasions we would need much higher limits that that (for graphics files and sound design files). Is it possible to change the upload file limit and what is the max limit?


It is best to confirm this with DH support via

My guess is

  • it is ok if svn is for the website hosted in DH
  • it is not ok if svn is for the website hosted outside of DH.

I’ve used my sites for doing svn before without issues. Also hosted quite a few linux isos at a few gb each. Never once has DH given me an issue for it. Like patrick mentioned, i think it could be an issue if you were to not host the site with DH.

I actually did message support once about this, as some of the disks could easily use 1TB/bw for a months downloads and the Call of Duty 4 custom map redirect I was hosting was already doing over 400GB/mth of multiple 40mb files. The response was that so long as excessive load wasnt placed on the server (unlikely is what they told me as it was just a static file, no matter its size) and i had a live website running, they didnt foresee any issue whatsoever.

You should be fine. Please send in the question though, just to be positive.