Confused about the WebID login w/ 2 domains

Reading the wiki, it seems that if I host another registered domain on my account, I have to grant access to all of my domains settings. Is this always the case? Can it be set up for two webID’s on one account?

I’m not sure what you mean by granting access to all of your domain settings.

under billing you can set privileges to that one domain only

However I did it but under web ftp that webid could see all my other domains.

Still waiting to here back from dreamhost as to why.

Creating a WEBID and setting its privileges only affects panel access. To limit a particular FTP log-in to one domain only you need to place that domain under a different machine/FTP user. It sounds like all your domains are under the one machine/FTP user.

Create a new machine/FTP user in the panel (Users -> Manage Users -> Add New User), then place the domain under the control of that user (Domains -> Manage Domains -> Edit).


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