Confused about Rewards/promo codes

the bottom part with the “This promo code’s discounts:” I don’t really understand what’s already under ‘cost’… $60 a month? $119.40 per year? What I put in the discount box… is that the amount off every whatever time period they decide to pay? That setup dialog is impossibly confusing!

Also… I can give someone a dedicated IP address and renewing domains out the wazoo… makes me sad I don’t get any of those things… but could I refer myself the next time a payment is due? seems strange…

You definitely can’t refer yourself. That is against DH’s policy.

Don’t forget 97 days money back guarantee. If I remember correctly, you can cancel your account and sign up with a promo code if you did not sign up with any promo code. If you already signed up with a promo code, you can’t sign up again with another promo code.

Hope this helps and please check it with DH support for sure.

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