Confused about PHP

I am confused on how to use PHP! I would like someone to help me…

Well, it sounds like you need an introductory tutorial. Just do a search on Google, or visit

That’ll probably be your best bet, unless you have a specific question…

well, how do u make a login thing?? a thing where users can login and be able to see webpages??

Learning an entire scripting language isn’t something you can do on a web forum. :slight_smile:

There’s an excellent beginning PHP tutorial on the DevShed site at . Once you’ve worked your way through that, there are a number of more specialized ones on the same site that will help you learn how to use it for specific applications. But you really need to get a handle on the language itself first before diving right in to trying to set up a site with it.



Logins can also be done with .htaccess files, not requiring the use of any scripting language.

– Dan