Confused about mail

Hi all. I’m confused about setting up an e-mail address. I’m trying to give my wife an e-mail address at my domain. I’ve set her up an Mailbox (m57XXXX) with the full name filled out. It’s status show active in the panel. In the Addresses tab, the address I gave her in the setup show up, along with her mailbox name (m57XXXXX) and I don’t have it going to anything, since I want her to check her mail at I can login as her at webmail, but if I try to compose a message I get an error, unknown user or password incorrect. Also, when I send her address a mail, it bounces back saying unknown user m57XXXXX. What am I missing? I set this up about 15 hours ago.

The m5xxxxxxx addresses are just the actual username. If you sent a message to, it would work. Presumably, what you want to do is add an email address (from the web panel) at your domain pointing to this mailbox (username).

You can also login to webmail without the cryptic username - just login as, and our system will figure the rest out.

Ok. So if I created a new mailbox, which gives me mxxxxxxx username, with an email address of and wanted to check it via webmail, I would go to and use the email address to log in. Is that correct or am I reading this wrong?

At the same time, POP access would be at server: with login username as mxxxxxxx – I think.

The KBase doesn’t cover this… or I just wasn’t able to find it.



Yup… that’s correct.