Confused about Dreamhost, Blogger and DNS settings

So I’m putting together a blog for a friend and am totally confused.

His domain is registered through GoDaddy, with no hosting. The nameservers point to Dreamhost, where his site is hosted.

Originally I was going to do the blog with Wordpress, but found Blogger to be easier for him.

So now, I’ve set up a Blogger account set up as a “custom domain”, which is the domain registered through GoDaddy. However, for this to work Blogger requires me to create a CNAME record for the domain with the DNS, pointing to

However, when going to the Dreamhost DNS setting for the domain I don’t really understand what I’m supposed to do. I’m familiar with changing the nameservers of a domain where you simply replace the default with ones that direct to your hosting service, but this seems more complicated. What should I be doing here? Thanks!

Ok, I answered my own question. Turns out the CNAME needs to be added via the registrar, not the host, as the “custom domain” option hosts the blog at Blogger. No need for Dreamhost at all then. Hooray!