I am moving the contents of three domains here from another server. One had an admin panel. The other is a wordpress site.

I created a database for each. When I attempted to install the admin panel for one of them, it could not access the server in order to hook up with the database.

I installed Wordpress for the other site and attempted to update it with the files I had backed up from my last database. No go. Despite updating the database. I have a basic template …nothing more.

I have 2 fairly large sites, that I really don’t want to build again from scratch.

Any help will be appreciated.

there’s not enough information to be of much help here. If you can’t connect to the database, make sure you have entered the DB address correctly (somehing like

your wordpress files need to go in /home/yourusername/

you’ll probably have to update the wp-config.php file to reflect the new path.