Conflicting instructions on DNS settings for non-Dreamhost domain

Looking for straightforward instructions on how to point my godaddy registered domain to my DH hosted site.

I found two pages in the wiki with different instructions


[quote]You will want to update the name servers to ours:[/quote]

Under “Non-DreamHost DNS” recommends:

Does anybody have any experience with this, and which method is recommended? If both methods work, is one faster than the other?


Both of those are valid, and which one to pick depends on whether you want to point the entire domain and all services (including email) to dreamhost. If that’s true pick the first option and let dreamhost manage your DNS.

If you only want the web traffic re-routed then pick the second option.

The second explanation is poor and not related to changing the name servers. It is describing the situation where the name servers are to remain hosted by another DNS service provider besides DreamHost and you want the domain to resolve to an IP address at DreamHost for a particular type of inquiry.