Conflict between wordpress db location names


Hi all,

I’m pretty new at all this so please excuse the ignorance I’m sure you’ll find in this post.

I just tried to move a website that uses WordPress from the subdomain to the main domain (There used to be an earlier non-WP version of the site at I followed instructions at the WP site to make the move, screwed it up, and had to restore from the DH backup (I know, I should have done my own backup, but I thought it was going to be so easy (sobby face)).

After the restoration, the earlier non-WP version of the site at rittenhousewritersgroup still worked, but I couldn’t get into my WP dashboard and I could no longer see the site, which I had set up with WP. I redid the move per the instructions, and now I can see the WP site at the site, but it has no WP formatting and I still can’t get into my WP dashboard.

Could the reason be because the WP database wasn’t fully installed somehow on the site? Records here at DH for the MySQL server say: “WordPress Database (”

But for the rittenhousewritersgroup site without “test” in front of it, the one which is supposed to be active, they say:

rittenhousewritersgroup_dbname (1.64 MB)
“WordPress Database”

In other words, there’s no address listed for the WP database at rittenhousewritersgroup. Is that a problem? If so, how can I fix it?

Thanks for any bit of help you can give.


I just noticed that the two domains are on different servers. Could this have caused a problem with the name changing?

And now I can’t ftp either, from DreamHost or using CyberDuck.


I hope aliens aren’t invading.