Conflict between .htaccess and webdav

Hello all!

Okay. I have a WebDAV enabled directory named ‘storage’ in my domain’s directory.
‘storage’ isn’t password protected - I want it to be publically readable, publicly browseable.

In my domain’s directory though, I have a .htaccess that sets [color=#00CC00]Options -Indexes[/color]. Of course, this filters down into ‘storage’, but the problem is that I want ‘storage’ to show an index, and the .htaccess that is in ‘storage’ belongs to dhapache because of the WebDAV, and so I can’t add that line to it.

I spent a few hours trying things like this:

[color=#00CC00]<Directory /home/.raja/user/>
Options +Indexes

And after scratching my head for a while (longer than I’ll admit to), I found this post explaining that you can’t use [color=#00CC00][/color] in a .htaccess. (That explains the Internal Server Errors. Doh! Apache docs didn’t make that too obvious…)

So I’m out of ideas. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance :smiley: