Confirmation scripts redirecting to



I’ve submitted a ticket to support, but after several responses from them I’m not getting anywhere.

Here’s the deal. I wanted to add my email address to one of my mailing lists, so I went in to the control panel, under Announce Lists, and clicked “Edit”. In the edit screen, I added my email address as a new subscriber. So far so good.

Next, I received the confirmation email asking to confirm my subscription. The URL looked like this:[numbers and letters deleted]

When I click the link, I am redirected to a site called, which offers MP3s, and a bunch of other junk.

At this point, support confirmed that following the same steps in my control panel had the same effect. However, I’m being told that it’s a problem on my end, with the URL I have specified as the “subscribed.html” page. I keep telling support that I was in the control panel, not on my own form page, but they insist that it’s my issue.

I’m pretty technical, but maybe this one is going way over my head, or it’s just so simple that I’m overlooking something. Can anyone provide insight into what’s going on?


What they say makes sense though…

Haven’t you set a page where the user would be send for in case the subscrition is sucesfull?

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It works for me.

One thing you can try to do is setup a form page for the list and subscribe using it, and then see if the behavior using the panel changes after that.

When you click the link, the DreamHost script has to look up the information about the subscription request. This information would supposedly include the URL to be redirected to when subscribing if the request was submitted from a form page. It’s possible the DreamHost script has a bug and is not showing the default subscribed page when the request came from the panel. The panel does not let you specify a default subscribed page itself, but perhaps it is possible to have it customized after all.

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I’ll create a form page on my site and see how this goes. Unfortunately this doesn’t solve the problem long term, and I’ll explain.

I removed subscription forms some time ago in favor of my own forms that collect demographics information and stores it in a MySQL database. Then, each week I take those subscribers who signed up in the past week and use the control panel to confirm their subscription. That way I conform to Dreamhost’s mailing list policy.

That’s where the real problem lies. Because the way the control panel is current working, the credibility of my business suffers when these subscribers are redirected to that lame Web site from Dreamhost’s own scripts.