Confirmation Fax

I just signed up for an account here at dreamhost using a master debit card. I got a first email thanking me for my payment:

“Thank you for your payment! We appreciate your business!”

And just a little while later i got an email saying that i need to fax an authorization note “If you are paying by credit card, please print out the authorization form…”, well debit card and credit card are interchangable words these days, but do i need to send a fax?

I got a email thanking me for the payment, the control panel shows i owe 0.00 and that i payed the payment.

I’m not sure if money was deducted from my checking account as my internet banking account is not setup yet.

Having to fax realy sucks, I don’t have a fax machine at home and I realy don’t want to have to drive out and find a place to send a fax as I have very little time during the day to do so.

Well seems they refunded my debit card for the money. I payed through paypal this time, they shouldnt have to confirm that right?