Configuring Passenger to Use Local Gems


I am attempting to configure a Rails 2.1 application. I have followed the directions given at:

I currently have a gem repository at:

I also have a local copy of ruby installed in:

I have confirmed (via which) that ‘rails’ and ‘ruby’ point to the proper installations.

I have configured the GEM_PATH and GEM_HOME environment variables as:


I have also set the GEM_PATH explicitly in environment.rb by placing a line:
ENV[‘GEM_PATH’] = /home/username/.gems:/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8

When I attempt to access my application, though, Passenger returns an error claiming that it cannot find the Rails 2.1 package (I assume because it is using the wrong installation)

Does anybody a) Know a solution or b) Know a method to determine what gem and ruby version Passenger is using?


(Note that wherever there is “username” in this e-mail I have used my own user name)