Configuring IMAP with SSL on iPhone/iPad running iOS 7?


I have been over the documentation a few times, and for the life of me, I cannot understand why I continue to keep getting “Cannot Verify Server Identify of …”

I have it configured for:


Is there some configuration I need to do on the Dreamhost side to make sure everything is working correctly? Thanks for your assistance.


I answer iPhone/iPad email posts in this forum quite frequently. Your question includes a new aspect tho, that I haven’t previously included. In an effort to help someone searching the forum I’m going to give a iPhone/iPad email setup reply rather the just answering the portion you asked. (for your issue see #2)

  1. use IMAP.

  2. for “Incomming Mail Server” section. “Hostname:” while you can use ‘mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM’ you will see a “server identity” warning when using SSL. This is because the certificate is issues to dreamhost rather than To avoid the warning use the dreamhost version of the hostname for your mail cluster, see this wiki article to determine the actual hostname of your mail cluster. For “User Name” use your FULL email address. “Password” is of course your email password.

  3. You MUST set up the outgoing mail server info. Use the same info as for incoming. Additionally, Use SSL: on, Authentication: Password, Port 587. Setting up Outgoing server info is not optional with dreamhost as the iphone/iPad screen seems to be suggesting.

  4. Advanced Settings: Incoming settings: Use SSL: on, Authentication: Password, IMAP path prefix: / ,Port 993.

  5. After you have successfully connected and can send and receive, go back to advanced settings and change the mailbox behaviors for Drafts, Sent, Deleted (trash), and Archive mailbox to the “SERVER” version of the folder.
    Someone that knows me just asked about #5 in my reply… it’s fine to set those folders the first time you’re in advanced settings… IF the server folders are populated (perhaps from a previous non-ssl connection during setup). The problem that you can run into if you haven’t successfully connected is there are no server side options for those folder settings yet, if that’s the case then work out the connection problem first then come back and adjust.


I have done this, and finally! After years, I can get email to work properly on my iphone.

But…I am used to POP, which is what Dreamhost tells you to use on computer setup. Only one problem - now I can’t delete emails on my phone. I do this as a way to get rid of emails I don’t need to attend to yet, so I can focus on the important ones.

With POP, I could delete files, but know they’d still be on the server when I checked email later on my computer

Can I use this same set up with POP?


I would recommend that you change the mail client on your computer to IMAP as well. It doesn’t work well to mix the two. Be sure to set the Deleted, Sent, and Drafts (as well as Archive if you used that) in your computers email client to the same folders you just set for your phone, they may be found automatically but double check.

I predict you will get used to IMAP very quickly, and have the thought… why didn’t I do this a long time ago.

Two solutions for your follow up later problem… create a follow up folder and move emails from your inbox to that instead of deleting them. Even if you delete by accident the deleted folder should be the same on both devices–test it and prove it. What I do personally is use the ‘Flag’ feature on the phone, that means it’s a msg i’m going to answer later from my computer… After I reply on the computer I click off the flag and it gets unflaged on the phone as well. Basically IMAP is maintaining synched folders on each device.


Reference #4, I always put INBOX for the IMAP path prefix. I’ve found that sometimes my iPhone/iPad wouldn’t pick up the special folder names until I had done that.

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Thank you, LakeRat and Merg!

Much appreciated!
It is likely I will follow your suggestions, however I know there are people in our company who will want to remain with POP for their ipad and iphones, so as to not affect the versions on their computer.

So, same question – can I use these settings using POP instead of IMAP?



The port listed in the dreamhost wiki for POP3 with SSL is 995… (or port 110 with no SSL… yuck)

I don’t know what people’s fear of IMAP is but today that’s what everyone should be using, especially if they are using more than one device/computer per single mail account. Maybe it’s because when IMAP was new and connections were not as good as they are today… IMAP was a little weird… that was 10 or 15 years ago tho.


I would recommend strongly against using POP if you’re using mobile devices. POP is based on a model where each client device retrieves and removes messages from the remote mailbox — if you have multiple clients doing this, it’s easy to accidentally end up in a situation where some messages never appear on some devices (because they were downloaded and deleted by another device); figuring out what’s going wrong in a situation like this is very difficult.

It can be made to work so long as you’ve got just the right settings, but you will need to change some of the settings from IMAP (particularly the port), and some of the other settings (like the path prefix) simply don’t exist for POP.


I would also recommend against using both. IMAP is really the best way to go. All devices and clients will be sync with each other and will be able to know what actions have been taken on an email. For example, with IMAP, if I reply to an email on my desktop client and then pull up my email on my iPhone, I will see that the email has been replied to. If I was using POP, the iPhone will not show me that I replied to the email.

Also, another thing to consider is the with the POP protocol, you can only download email from the Inbox. That means that if you set up folders in your desktop client and copy email to those folders, you will not be able to see that email on another device. With IMAP, any folders you create are created on the server and mail moved to those folders is also on the server. Thus, if you view your mail from any client, you still see those folders/email. If you are concerned about not being able to get access to your email if the Internet/server goes down, most email clients have a setting to allow email to be stored locally for off-line use. In some respects, the iPhone/iPad have this function already turned on to an extent.

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I so want to get e-mail on my phone and I’ve been trying things for months, so I thank you for your attempt to help me.

Ist of all There is no option for me (newest i-phone) to set IMAP. I’ve gone to “other” new account and would like to know what to do next…



I have tried everything suggested including putting mail.dreamhost.cominstead of, nothing works, I am so frustrated, don’t know what to do. Can you help me?


I have tried everything you sugested, including using instead of I used IMAP, everything. It tells me I’ve already added and can’t find should I delete everything and start over?
I have tried everything you sugested, including using instead of I used IMAP, everything. It tells me I’ve already added and can’t find should I delete everything and start over?