Configuring Gmail


I’am a newbie at DreamHost and I begin to work around the numerous services available. I am willing to use Gmail as the regular webmail for my account and I question myself about the ways to parameterize it.

Up to now, Gmail is available fory my account at http::// When I connect to the service, the url becomes

My problem with this is on two levels:

  1. first, I “dislike” the url and would prefer to keep the original one: http:://,
  2. second, my compagny proxy blocks the Gmail service which is therefore not available.

Is there a way to resolve these two issues?
Are Custom MX options useful in achieving this?

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the url is the way it works – google is doing that and they don’t seem to give us control over it.

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That’s also been my experience. It’s nice to hear someone confirm this. That’s also how my URL looks when I go to my Google hosted site and apps. That’s a huge bummer and to me doesn’t count as Google hosting my domain. It’s more like a redirect to my own spot over at Google, rather than using their apps on what appears to be my domain.


that is an option in gmail admin - - you CAN fix that,
Can’t recall exactly how … but google It or check help files… I have done exactly that

I have yet to get this to work. There’s Site Mapping, but that’s to make a subdirectory to look like your main site.

For starters, I’m trying to get to have that URL, rather than God knows I’ve tried and tried, but nothing’s worked so far. People keep telling me it can be done, but nobody’s told me how. If you’ve found a way, please do share.