Configuring email account



I want to create an email account that I can send emails but cannot accepts emails from others.
For example I want to create “news” from where I can send new to my customers , but when a customer replies to this then this email will be rejected from my news email account.
Could you provide me the steps I have to do in order to create this email account?


I think you should carefully re-read the Terms of Service (ToS) and the DreamHost Anti-Spam policy before you attempt to set something like this up. :wink:

It sounds to me like you want to be able to send mail to folks without giving them a way to respond to you at all, even to tell you to stop sending the mail, and that is very likely to get your account into trouble.

There are far better ways to properly send “news” to your customers, and that are in full compliance with DreamHost’s policies. The announcement lists are perfect for this kind of thing. They keep your main email box free of “news” related traffic, but do allow your customers to unsubscribe as required by the ToS, and can keep you out of trouble with the Anti-SPam policy if you use them properly.




I have already read this; maybe the sample I gave was not good.
I have setup svn repository and I have setup an email for posting notification. What I want is when our user gets email from svn (someone post something) , I don’t want to have a mailbox for receiving emails (I would prefer to delete this email and warning the user that is not an ordinary email account ( cannot respond to this).