Configure / change webmail URL?

according to the wiki webmail is available at, is there any way to have it available on another URL, i.e. or even just


You could install your own webmail software in a subdirectory of your domain if you wish, and then “disable” the default “DH provided” webmail from within the control panel.

You can set-up your DH provided webmail to use some subdomain other than “” from within the web panel, but I see no way to use the panel change it to use a subdomain.

Finally, you could setup a redirect so that a user typing in, or even just, would be "automagically forwarded " to the webmail at or some other subdmain you set up in the control panel. While I don’t really see the point in doing that, it would make “it available on another URL”. :wink:


Why do you want it at that other URL? Would a redirect work for you?

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