Config/Localhost Setup?



Hi, Im trying to install a script that zips files online and keep getting an error when trying to run the installer.

I think it might be the config file, it asks for this:

// base url $config['base_url'] = "http://localhost/onlinezip/"; //dir path $config['dir_path'] = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]; // or '/home/user/public_html/onlinezip/'; for http://localhost/onlinezip/
I used

The error I get is this:

Fatal error: Class ‘Controller’ not found in /home/.wise/myname/ on line 2

Any ideas?
I haven’t heard back from the script creator.


You don’t need the .wise part of the path. What did you use for the dir path?

What’s the package you’re trying to install? Without seeing the source code, it’s a little difficult to guess.



hey thanks for the quick reply,
the .wise is just showing up in the error message, i haven’t specified it anywhere.
the only thing I set was adding my domain here:
$config[‘base_url’] = “”;
Im trying to run it from the root of the domain, no directory.

the script is online zip:

there is another config file with my database info but Im pretty sure I have that set right as it has the same basic mysql settings as WordPress and another CMS I’ve used.


I got it!
There was an .htaccess file that didn’t get uploaded.
Thanks, will post here when its ready :slight_smile: