Config Gmail do receive my DreamHost domain emails

with my old hosting, we could use gmail to read pop3 emails from our domain.

No we migrate do DreamHost, we made the same config on Gmails account import, but its not retrieving the emails.

We do not use Google App, just the Gmail. DreamHost only accepted forwarding emails?



We have a few wiki articles that can help you troubleshoot this problem
If neither of these work, you can let our tech support know and we’ll see if it’s something on our end,
I hope this helps!

Hi Justin,
belive me, I read those articles and did not found solution. In fact, I really don’t know what happen, cause everything is fine on google gmail account. Its conect to dreamhost server, but can’t grabb any mails. If open the mailbox directly from webmail, mails are there.

I will try the support later. We new to the dreamhost cpanel and we have many doubts.


Is this the set up you were attempting?
If so, there was a recent update on Google’s end that we are working on a counterpart for on our end. Once it is ready, that should be functional again.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience