Config Gallery and keep PHP as CGI

I’m trying to configure Gallery for one of my sites, but I’m getting this:

Serious Warning!

The PHP option ‘register_globals’ is enabled on your server. Gallery highly recommends that you disable ‘register_globals’ unless it is required by software on your site. Gallery does not officially support ‘register_globals’ being enabled, and will attempt to disable it internally.

The DH knowledge base seems to cover this issue here:

But I’m still totally confused as to how I actually do this -
I’m totally new to scripting/web server admin…
could someone explain this in simple steps.

how do I create, and where do I put the script to
keep PHP as a CGI?


You actually do not need to… Gallery runs fine within the DH CGI:PHP environment

WP/Gallery2 Integration Community ->

thanks for the reply.

so, are you saying that I should basically just ignore
the warning message and proceed with the config?


That would be my suggestion. register_globals is a known security risk in scripts that don’t properly check their variables.

Since this script is aware it’s been enabled, you’d hope that he’s properly coded his script.