has anyone successfully installed concrete5? I have experienced 6 failed attempts and am getting no help from customer support


“failed” is like “doesn’t work”: it covers a lot of territory. Help us to help you by telling us how it is failing. Are you getting error messages? If so, what are they? (Copy and paste.) Are you getting unexpected behavior? At which step in the process is it happening, and what is happening?

I have successfully installed it in localhost with no issues. I haven’t tired an online install, however.


The installation attempt throws an error message. The error message is non specific, or rather states that a 500 error on the server is making it impossible to report the specific failure


In that case, check your server error logs. Sometimes that is the only way to track a 500 error.


I have multiple versions of concrete5 running with different versions of PHP on Dreamhost.

First check which version of PHP you are running (control panel) - 5.6 is recommended.

Second, check if you have an .htaccess file in your install directory, if so rename it and try the install again.

If that still fails, try getting a fresh copy of concrete5 (you didn’t state which version), it might be corrupted.

When you start the install, is it passing all the requirement checks?

Is this a fresh install, or are you trying to use a database from another machine?