Anyone using Concrete5? Is Concrete5 supported under the default Dreamhost install? What do I need to change to make it compatible?

Here are the specs:


I just installed it with no issues. I’m running PHP 5, with none of the options checked on the domain.


Thanks for mentioning this CMS. I’ve never seen it before, but I think I might try it out. I’m tired of all the other CMS scripts out there and none of them suit me very well. But as was said in the last post, it should work fine.

–John V

I am currently running a site on Concrete5 ver I would like to udate to a newer version. I have tried to manually install version 8.3.2 on another site and when running the install script I get an error “intergrity constant violation: 1062.” I have read at that this is probably a host provider issue.

Dreamhost only offers version as a one-click install. is listed as the “stable” release in the 5.7 series. Will there be a one-click install of 8.3.2? Can anyone help me determine why my installation is failing?

I upped the PHP to 7.2 and the installation script indicates that all PHP contability tests passed.

There is no upgrade script to go from 5.6 to 5.7 and above so I know I will have to do a clean install. I wouldd like to go to version 8 so I won’t need to do this again soon.

Steve Clarke

Please note that DreamHost does offer Concrete5 as a one-click install