Concrete5 not allowing edits/updates/etc

There seems to be a lot of talk on the net about concrete5 being slow at the user end which is obscuring my searches via Google/concrete5’s site. Thought I’d try here, might also be a problem with the default Dreamhost install or something.

I hit ‘update’ on any ‘edit content’ menu and it never completes the update. That little wheel just rotates forever. (When I say ‘forever’ I mean I lose patience after fifteen minutes and cancel.) I discovered I don’t even have to change the content, I can just open up an edit menu and immediately hit ‘update’ and the problem occurs. When I ‘cancel’ the update the menu drops out of site but the little wheel keeps on turning indefinitely.

FWIW I’m running Wordpress and testing ModX on the same hosted domain and there are no problems writing to it or speed issues. I can also change certain things in concrete5 (site title, for eg) and have it save, so it’s not a permissions problem as far as I can see.

Anyone else got experience with this problem and/or have any suggestions?

i had this problem… i wish i could remember how i fixed it. it was something in htaccess i think. use the developer tools in your browser to check the ajax call when you update. it’s getting a 404 or something. sorry I can’t recall exactly what it was. it’s a simple setting.

Hey, thanks for replying… but I have no idea what that means.
What developer tools should I be looking at? And what’s Ajax and what should it be doing when it gets called?

(My ‘web development’ skills stopped at HTML4 and Netscape, sorry.)