Concrete5 issue


Hello everyone I am new to Concrete5. I am having trouble installing it last week, and the problem still not solved.

The exact step for what I was trying to do:
Once the files are uploaded, Running on PHP 5.2.X+FASTCGI

  1. Open the page, see all check marks are green. Then I proceed to next page.
  2. In the next page, I filled server, website, Mysql DB information. Then I click Install.
  3. Then there is a progress bar saying creating database, wait for few minutes(seconds) then it says Internal Server Error.

From log file, I found:

[quote][Fri Apr 27 16:36:01 2012] [emerg] [client xxx] (22)Invalid argument: mod_fcgid: can’t lock process table in pid 29077, referer:
[Fri Apr 27 18:20:08 2012] [error] [client xxx] Premature end of script headers: index.php, referer:

Then I contacted DH support, they told me it was becuase max execution time and ask me to create my custom php.ini. I followed the steps on DH wiki and successfully created my own custom php.ini and changed the time to 3000. I tested with php script<?php phpinfo(); ?> and it disaplays 3000.

I went back to the website and tried to install Concrete5 again. Same step same info. This time it gives me an error of “Gateway timed out” at the same place same time. There is no additional log info found related to the error this time. I contacted support again, they asked me for website, DB info, and I gave it to them. They just replied saying posting on this forum will have a bigger chance to solve my problem, so I made this post. Hopfully someone can solve the problems and thank you very much!


I couldn’t help laughing at this! In essence: ‘go ask our unpaid volunteer support team because we’re too busy with other things (and we might not have any idea)’.

First of all, I’d do the install with plain vanilla PHP5.3. Fast CGI seems to only help for very busy sites with a lot of components per page. In my testing, it doesn’t generally help.

Gateway timeout indicates that a) you haven’t entered your DB info correctly or b) DH is having DB issues.

One thing you may try is installing it locally, then transfer the installation (files and DB) to DH. That’s more technically complicated, but in the long run, it might be better if you do your development work locally.


Thx for the reply, I will give that both a try once i got time.

Dreamhost support was okay I don’t blame them, like if they cannot solve it they just say they can’t do it. They gave me a lot of suggestions before asking me to post here. It is much better than some support team does not even reply your message at all. As long as they reply, they tried their best I am happy with them. Lol. But the way u understand it was funny.

In addition, I’m sure DB info is correct since each time no matter is internal server error or gateway error there are tables inside the DB, and I have to clean them for next installation.


have you tried using the 1-click installer DH provides for concrete5?


It jut upload files for u, you still have to fill in DB info then install it. Same result.


However if the one click installer is failing it would seem that dreamhost support should be more interested in finding the problem. Kinda hard to beg off when fixing the problem in that case.


Yea like I tried it, it just upload the file into your des folder, and when you visite the page you will have to fill out database information, and then click install. Then it will creating database and the same error appear.


Another thing to try is to create a whole new database and see if you can install…


I successfully installed Concrete5 from one of my dedicated server and move files back to dreamhost. Everything seems be working.

Still setting up my site now.


Uh, besides the fact that I don’t understand what that means, I’m pretty sure it helps no one else.

The whole point of a forum is to share problems/fixes.

Please explain, Thanks,



Install at a different machine, and/or different host into a same database, then move all files from that machine and/or host back to dreamhost. I do not know how else I can explain this.


Maybe without the two and/ors?

So you installed to the same DH database from a different server that had a longer max_execution_time.

Care to share the different setting between the two servers?