Concrete5 File Manager Problems

I’ve been frustrated with this problem for a while and have spent a lot of time researching to try to get a fix but every time when I think I have the solution, the settings are already correct.

I’ve tried installing Concrete5 myself and with the one click installer. I can only add one file at a time. I also try to “upload multiple” files/pictures or “add incoming” photos through the ftp method still with the same result. only the first file or image is uploaded successfully. these are not big files that i’m always wanting to upload mainly under 1mb, i also have the same result for larger files as well.

Has anyone else experienced this problem while Dreamhost and Concrete5? I have found out of problems with other hosting companies and not having the proper settings changed that may result in this problem.

Thanks, Dustin

When you say FTP method, do you have a client installed or are you trying to use webftp? If the answer is webftp, then install a full ftp client.

This article has a list of popular ftp clients, my favorite is winSCP… and the one you here most often is fileZilla.