Concrete5 CMS Installation



I was wondering if anyone was willing to provide me with a step by step (or close to it) for installing Concrete5 on DreamHost. I’ve tried and failed…
~ Thanks

It was previously suggested and was rejected in screening. I have submitted it again as I could not figure out why it was removed. It did not meet the duplicate, etc requirements and it did not note that it didn’t receive enough votes as other suggestions did. It looks like someone voted it a duplicate without checking first… Anyway.

Please consider voting for it, or at least get it threw the filter so it can be voted on. I know at this point its a dupe, but the first time it was suggested years ago, it was never voted on…

Learn about Concrete5 here: (Do the free demo account on the “Get Started” page

Suggestion page:

Oh… and no… I have nothing to do with Concrete5, I just think its a great CMS from what I can tell and want to use it with my organization. Joomla is proving to hard for the volunteers I need to use it.


Bump… looks like its open to voting…

I just got it installed myself last night but working out kinks still…

A one click for this would be great… please check out C5 and support it.