Concrete5 basic blog doesn't update

I have just gotten started with DH’s concrete5 one-click install to host a simple site incorporating a simple blog. As I understand it, all pages of type Blog Entry should have links to 'em show up in an occurrence of a blog_list block. But my new blog entry pages do not. Yes, I’ve cleared my browser cache.

This problem manifests itself with the stock one-click install; I have done very little to monkey with the install so far. Anyone else experienced it?

Is there someplace one can tell concrete5 to refresh the blog now dammit?

Where is the logic that selects what pages of type Blog Entry show up? In particular, I want to allow different C5 usernames’ blog entries to show up intermixed. My current working theory is that maybe only pages owned by user admin are being selected. But I have no way to test this theory.

Thanks all!

[quote=“brianriceca, post:1, topic:58675”]
Is there someplace one can tell concrete5 to refresh the blog now dammit?[/quote]

Did you publish the pages or just save drafts?

Works for me after setting up a one-click install. But check the Permissions for the blog entry, I see that “Who can view this page?” has ‘Registered Users’ unchecked.

I published the pages. Or at least I think I did. Anyhow, it now seems to be sorta working. Maybe it does its thing with a cronjob?

Thanks for the permissions tip; will check.