Concrete site not working


I have a concrete site I’m using.

Yesterday it was working fine, today when I went there, one of the blocks shows this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method DOMElement::getLineNo() in /home/p2ranger/ on line 8651

There is not even a link at the bottom to sign in for editing any more. I did not change anything to the main site, but I did change an RSS feed url on another page. I don’t know how that would have anything with breaking the site so badly. Any ideas?




SimplePie is an RSS reader tool, so the URL you changed may be the one called by that component on the page.

What’s happening is that when you’re getting that error, the page stops loading the rest of the content, which is why it kills your login link.

Can you change that RSS URL back? You should be able to login at


Wow, that fixed it! Thanks so much for your help. Now I understand the importance of keeping previous versions on hand.