Concrete 5 I just can't log back in and edit HELP!


I just edited my concrete5 website but when I logged out and then went back to edit more features on the page there is an add that says “invalid user name” , then I send a email on the “forgot your password” and nobody is responding, I don’t know how to fix that because it is like the third time it happens when using concrete5 with the one click application in dreamhost. Can you guys tell me what to do? I really need to edit this webpage
Thank you


Hi. Did DH replied to you yet? I think I know someone who got this issue and he used the server name on login. He used the actual hostname and it logged him in.


I’m having the same problem. I installed Concrete via One-Click, worked on it for hours, then could not log-in. Password reset doesn’t send an email, so it looks my only option is to delete/uninstall and start over.

I tried to log in with the hostname, as someone suggested, with no success.

Any other suggestions?