Concrete 5 - A Simple Problem

I have concrete 5 set up. I have the web site customized just like I want it. Now, HOW ON EARTH DO I GET MY DOMAIN TO POINT TO THE CONCRETE5 DIRECTORY???

I’ve tried redirecting the domain to the concrete5 directory. That doesn’t work. All it does is create an endless loop.

What do I do? Do I have to create an index page with a redirect script? It seems to me that this should be a simple thing to accomplish, as I’m sure most people would like their main domain to go to the web site they have created…

Any help is greatly apreciated!

A. Max[hr]

P.S. My domain is hosted on DreamHost, in case that helps. The Concrete5 directory is within my domain folder. I just don’t know how to point my main domain address to the web site contained in the Concrete5 directory. If I can’t do that, there’s no point in having my own domain…


What folder is your Concrete5 stuff in? I gather you’re able to hit the folder directly?

Have you tried opening a support ticket?
Did you look in the Concrete5 forums?

Thanks for the response. I am able to go to the Concrete5 folder directly. The concrete5 stuff is in a folder named concrete5. I finally just settled for making a script statement in my main index.php file to redirect to the directory containing the web site I built that is in the concrete5 file. I’m amazed that they don’t have instructions on how to get the web site to build into the main directory of the domain, but I didn’t see anything mentioning that. Perhaps I missed something.

Didn’t do a support ticket - didn’t feel like I could afford the wait-time.