Concerns about the priviledges of web ids

Hi there,

I’d really like to do something postitive with some of the additional space that Dreamhost keeps chucking my way so have been thinking of hosting suitable sites charitably. The thing is that I do not want to have to support these sites too fully (as this charitable act would start becoming a significant time cost to me) and I am in fact the last person technically to be able to do this so I have been looking into ways to make the control panel work for me…

I understand that it would make sense to create a unique web id for each additional domain that I host in order for the individual webmasters to administrate their own areas - adding email addresses, creating newsletters etc. I created a test web id and permitted them (via the account priviledges tab) to manage just one domain with no other priviledges at all.

I signed out then in with the test web id and while that initially seemed to work fine when I explored the other tabs that weren’t greyed out I came across the domain tab. If I click on the registrations link it allowed me to go through the entire process of purchasing a domain up until the page where I see my own credit card details appear that I use to maintain my Dreamhost account (All of the details appear except on the main number only the last 4 digits are shown).

It seemed that if I clicked the proceed button at the bottom of the page any web id that I give to another user could then use my card to purchase domains - CAN THIS REALLY BE SO? or if not when would I have been stopped?

Another much shorter question is is it possible to add a disk usage limit to web ids?

We’ll look into this and make sure the privileges are working as expected. It sounds like some adjustments are probably needed.

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