Concerned about panel speed

I just signed up with DH this evening, and I was pleased that my account was created in under two minutes!

However, the panel is slower than molasses to access! It’s literally taking 1-2 minutes just to navigate between screens.

Is this normal? I’m on Hyperion, in case that makes a difference…

It can be slow in the evenings - like around 11pm PST. Not sure why - backups?

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It was really slow yesterday. not always that way.

i can’t even log into the panel. waiting for reponse.

oh yeah - i’ve just joined too.

I’m really loving it: i’ve set up two sites, sub domains, email, got my movable type working, got auth security setup, got my other cgi going.
all without using customer support.

the only problem is the control panel is terribly slowww. I’m in australia I dunno the best time to use it, but it needs some upgrade love or something. Often it just gives an error message, otherwise times out… a bit frustrating.

I love the fact it is built on debian linux, and that the panel simply modifies linux config files, and if you know how you can just hack the config files under the hood (e.g.: .htaccess).

The panel is going moderately fast.
However, creating a MySQL database is horrible, I cannot even get one thing to get created MySQL wise.

right now… at 4:52 pm 11/10/05… i can’t create DBs at all… contacted support about an hr ago…