Concerned about email loss


Hi, I’ve been with DreamHost for a few days now. Prior to DreamHost, I had my domain registered with Google, for Google Apps and Gmail and had no trouble, which I transferred over when I moved to DreamHost.

I use the Gmail account attached to my domain as a personal/business email, and I think I might be losing some emails randomly. The reason I think this is that my Facebook is attached to the email, and about an hour ago I received a message on there about my email address being picked up as invalid, and needing me to confirm it as valid again or provide another.

Of course, this could be latency in the Facebook system, as my Gmail was broken for an hour or two a few days ago while the domain registration was transferred from GoDaddy to DreamHost. But what if it’s not? I’m just wondering if anyone has issues with lost emails through DreamHost on the Google Apps service? If so, is there anything I can do to stabilise them?

I use my emails daily to communicate with clients about new work, so losing emails would be bad news for me.


Nothing goes through DH if you are using gmail for your mail provider. try sending yourself some mail. either it works or it doesn’t. intermittent problems or random losses probably couldn’t be attributed to configuration settings.


Ah cool, thanks for the clarification. I had a feeling it didn’t go through the provider, I just wanted to make sure.

Well, that settles my issue! Facebook has a latency in their email checking, it would appear.