Completely reset account?

Hi All,
I have been a DH user for 3+ years now. During that time I have made a lot of databases, changed a fair amount of config (gem sources for rails etc) and have basically just been using the dh account as a test box.

What I want to do now though is clean up the account so that I can properly organise things.

What is the best way to completely reset the account? I can make a backup of all the info I want to keep and the websites I need to back up for customers etc. But then how best to wipe everything? I can do it all manually through the DH panel I suppose but should I put a support request in to get them to do this instead?

What do people think?

Has anyone needed to do this in the past?


I think it’s your responsibility to clean up after yourself. I’m not being mean, but I don’t know if there’s a master reset switch, so that may be a tall order for Support. I’d just go and do it myself under:
Manage Users (this might wipe out quite a bit on the first try)
Manage MySQL
Manage Domains (if deleting Users didn’t kill everything)
Manage Email


Yeah - was basically thinking that I’d have to do it manually.

thanks for the reply!