Completely remove domain from Manage Domains list

I’m trying to remove a few domains from the list on my Manage Domains page in the Dreamhost panel. These are for domains which I registered (not through Dreamhost), hosted for a while (through my Dreamhost shared hosting plan) and eventually decided to drop. In the Manage Domains page, I clicked on the Remove button. However, I’m still left with an entry for that domain on the Manage Domain page, with a note indicating that it’s for “DNS Only”. I have no options to completely remove that entry; and if I try to manage the DNS settings, it appears that the reason it’s stuck is because there are “Non-editable Dreamhost DNS records”.

So, how do I completely remove the domain from my list? Is there a way to remove those non-editable DNS records?



Click the “delete” button on the far right on the Manage Domains page.

Who ever thinks to scroll to the right?