Completely messed up my websites! Help!


I had an ok running wordpress site. Then today i got a new domain name and tried to set up a new wordpress site on it. I don’t know what the hell I have done but now neither site is showing up. one saying database error, the other site temporarily unavailable.

I have absolutely no clue how to fix this.

What I WANTED to do was get my original sites pages to work again (all my pages were redirecting to one page on the site), and get the new website to show up. I had zencart installed on it.

I don’t know anything about databases, or sql’s or whatever, i have blundered my way through various walkthroughs found on the net today, and this is the result :frowning:

How do i get my websites up and running?


Do you have a ticket open with Dreamhost?

As mostly just fellow users here it’s hard to know without more info, or your domain URLs what you have done… but it is probably not so hard to put it right again.

Your new domain may not have propagated yet, meaning, the DNS (domain name) servers don’t know it’s there. Trying to install WordPress or another one-click at Dreamhost during this time can cause errors and/or confusion. Usually just waiting a day AND clearing your browser cache can remedy that. Then, try your install again (or try completing it if one’s in progress.

In the Dreamhost dashboard, did you maybe change the user of the older domain? That may make files associated with the other user seem to disappear.

Can you FTP to the domain and see your files?

In WordPress, you associate the database with the domain/blog in the config.php file. Fill the info out correctly in there (you can find the credentials in your Dashboard by looking at Goodies > Databases) and things might fall into place again.


Thank you arty. Yes I did change the user as it said the new domain was under the control of a user i have never heard of, so i deleted it. I have opened a ticket with dreamhost and will hope for the best cringe