Completely lost

I’m seriously hoping someone can help… :frowning: I’m very lost.

For several years now I’ve had registered and hosted with I’ve had one folder which i accessed over ftp, which i dumped some html and a wordpress install into. Simple as. Now I’m trying to transfer the hosting to dreamhost. It’s not going well.

I got some ftp details setup ok, which i can connect to and transfer info using transmit. No worries.

I then amended the name server information with easyspace and it shows on their panel as if it is sorted. It’s not, is still directing to the info on easyspace. I’ve waited for as long as they say it would take to propagate through web servers etc. but still no change.

I thought it would just be as easy as: sign up with dreamhost, get ftp access, transfer some html, change name server addresses, wait… bosh, job done.

I’m also having issues with my email now. Emails don’t seem to be coming through. I’ve tried setting up an account through the panel but it keeps saying that mailbox manager ( doesn’t exist.

I’m completely lost and have no idea what to do next. can anyone help?

For domains to propagate can be as long as 24-48 hours, just mention it because you did not say how long it was you are waiting.
Of course mail will not work in this case also if not yet propagated, but I never use mailbox manager, so I really do not know.
Keep in mind that you also will have to transfer the database to Dreamhost. There are several threads in this forum about transfers so just do a search, and also check the Wiki

I checked your website and is online, just no idea if it is the old host or Dreamhost.

Give it some time, in about 5-6 hours USA wakes up, and then the pro’s come online in the forum.

Sorry not much help, but be patient

I just checked and your site appears to me as well. I took it once step farther and used tracrert to determine it’s serving from dreamhost as well.

FWIW, DNS propagation is not a dreamhost specific issue, nor is it something controllable by dreamhost. Nameservers around the world all send each other updates, and it just takes time for those updates to be passed along.

hiii. My site is terrible. I’m using this opportunity to start afresh, i just need to get the domain working and then shove a new wordpress blog up there.
yeah it’s been more than 3 days since i updated the nameservers.
What do you do for the mail? just have a forward/redirect?
I’ll have another look at the wiki, see if i can find out anything useful…
Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Since it’s been more than 12 hour,s there is also a button to force a manual refresh in panel. Navigate to “Manage Domains” in the panel and click the DNS link for the domain in question. Once the page reloads click the GO button under the words “Refresh DNS for {} now?”

Thanks, I’ve given that a go.
Another thing that is confusing me, is that I used the ‘one click install’ doobry to make a custom install of wordpress to
I got an email confirmation (before my email broke) to say that it was successful and i can see the actual files through my FTP programme, however, it won’t show up online. I’m assuming because there still is an issue with the domain name redirection. I’ve tried to contact easyspace, but they had their support turned off for a few hours… grr… but it’s on again now. I’ll let you know what they say.

Yes you are suffering from slow DNS propagation for everything you mentioned.

You can force your local computer to use dreamhosts nameservers, so that you can complete your setup etc. Scroll down to the sectioned titled "An Even Easier Technique: Switch To or Add DreamHost’s DNS Servers! " on this page: (I would eventually revert this to the normal automatic DNS settings, but since you are still waiting for the DNS changes to reach your DNS server this would allow you to override for now)

You said email is failing, have you added up your mailboxes via the dreamhost control panel? Are emails bouncing? It’s possible that your email is arriving at dreamhost but you are unable to retrieve it because of the slow DNS propagation.

ah. test emails from myself now seem to be working, but some are bouncing back to other senders…
I’ll give dreamhost some time and see what happens. The nameserver and whois info is all correct so it might just be getting stuck in a server somewhere… :frowning:

Thanks for your help all! Dreamhost support also gave good advice and made me feel better.
It all seemed to resolve itself at about 11pm last night.
I had changed the name server info on friday afternoon so it’s taken a good few days to come through, but come through it has and now i’m a happy bunny. :slight_smile: