Completely lost?

I registered my domain ( with networksolutions and I purchased the crazy domain insane plane but I’m clueless how to use it.

I’ve read through the knowledgebase but I can’t find something that straight forwardly tells me how to upload my files. The FTP doesn’t work. I try connecting to using my username and password but it simply doesn’t work. I would like to set up email address but again Im not sure how.

Can someone point me towards information that will help me to set all this stuff up? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


Since your nameservers are still pointing at those of Network Solutions (, you can’t really manage your domain right here at DreamHost.

Check out for how to modify your DNS setting. You’ll need to login to your NetSol account to do so (and wait for a day or so before it works).

You need to log into your account at Network Solutions and change your nameservers to:

Wait a couple of days for the changes to propagate, then go to in your FTP program and you should be able to upload everything.

To set up the e-mail addresses, you will need to use the web panel at Log in with the NDN ID they sent you when you signed up, click on mail in the side menu, and then on mailboxes if you want to set up full POP accounts, or addresses if you want to set up aliases that forward mail to other addresses.