Completely Locked Out


Help!! I’ve been a Dreamhost user for years, and have over a dozen domain names registered. I got an email to pay a balance of 13.95 on a domain registration, clicked the link, and got a message that it was either the wrong email or wrong password. I have received literally dozens of messages from Dreamhost at this email, and use the same password every time—usually several times a month. I tried to reset the password, but got a message that it could only be reset from the main email. I was using the main email! I tried my other two emails just in case, but no luck. I tried to send a message to Dreamhost but it was kicked back because it said that there was no record of the email address I was sending it from in their records, so it automatically rejected it as spam. I went to the Dreamhost site but couldn’t open a ticket because I couldn’t access my panel. There’s no phone number to talk to a live person. What the heck!!


Hi @Blyton14,

If you are not able to login to the panel you can use this link:

select the “i can’t login” or “other” option to report the issue to our account verification team and include an email you have access to and they can assist further with account access matters!


I have done that several times! I select that I can’t log into my Dreamhost account, fill in the fields, complete the recaptcha, and hit send. But it doesn’t send! I thought it might be a problem with my iPad, so I did it again on my laptop. Same problem! It doesn’t prompt that there’s a problem with a field, just doesn’t send. I am beside myself. There must be some kind of customer service number somewhere! I spend a lot of money each year on my dozen or so domains!


I’m very sorry for any inconvenience, DreamHost isn’t able to address account access matters via phone as it requires full written communication. I was able to test the form and it is working as expected. If your request doesn’t submit successfully, it is an indication that there is a field not addressed properly. Can you try the “other” option instead and see if it goes through?


I selected “Other” and it went through. Thank you! Now I wait to hear back…


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