Completely locked out of everything

Hey all,

I woke up this morning and noticed my email (through mac mail) were not working. This sometimes happens so didn’t think much of it. I then went to my website to start work and it’s showing error “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”

I then went to dreamhost panel to submit a request but my password has expired and i have to reset it. Now my email client isn’t working so i attempted to log into the webmail on dreamhost and even that password isn’t working so i can’t reset the password at all.

I then tried to log into to my FTP client and that’s not working either.

I have submitted a ticket to the general public support page but as i don’t have any usable email i had to give my wifes one (gmail) and my mobile phone number. Will that be enough for them to verify me. I’m really concerned that they wont be able to contact me!?

Any help would be really appreciated… my website is my livelihood! I have a client that is relying on me to do a sponsored post later at 7pm GMT so this is pretty urgent.

Kind regards - Jason

Bump for any help at all. Still no reply from support.

All fixed now! Thanks to Chris for sorting it out!

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