Complete transfer to new user


I’ve just recently sold one of my domains I purchased, registered, and hosted with Dreamhost. The buyer just wants to use Dreamhost as their registrar, not their host. How can I transfer the ownership of a domain on my account to a new account that I set up for them? And is it even possible to just use Dreamhost as a registrar and not a host? I assume yes, but I am having trouble setting up a new account, separate from mine, that this buyer can use to manage their new domain that’s already registered with Dreamhost. The billing would need to be separate and the accounts. I made a new account, but the Web Panel still shows that I “own” the new account I set up for this buyer. Help anyone?

I personally think the best option is to contact DH directly and see if they can sort this out properly. That way you avoid any complications with account priveleges and billing issues.

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Hey thanks for the quick reply! I just send a support request/email asking for help. I was just clicking around in my account, and got paranoid I was going to boink it all up!

If Support can’t magically transfer an account, I’d create a tarball of the contents of the domain directory and the databases. The wiki has an entry on this:

The hard part is moving email. There’s no easy to dump the mail configuration to transfer elsewhere.