Complete Noob question

Im having my website built for me…but in the meantime i would like a page to appear on the homepage to let people know its under construction.
Ive got the page designed, but where do i uplaoad it to? In my old site it was to a folder called, HTDOCS, but i dont seem to have that in my ftp area. Anyone able to point me in the right direction here?

Dan, just upload it to the folder that is named the same as your domain name (if your setup is the DreamHost default).

You can also confirm this folder name from the Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains screen, by clicking “Edit” under the “Web Hosting” column for your domain and inspecting the value there for what directory your domain is served from. :wink:


thanks for that.
i looked where you said, but i ust be stupid or something, it still makes no sense.
It says on the page:
Specify your web directory: /home/username/

Does that mean when i go into the FTP programme and log into the server…there needs to be a folder named: “home” and then another folder named: “username” (in my case, danpureportraits) and then the website files need to go in there?

thanks for your help riparker

Well not really; I’ll try to explain a little more clearly.

There actually is a directory (“folder”) named “home” and one named "“username”, but they are laid out like this:

/home /username (in your case - danpureportraits) /other_directories ( for example) So, the “username” directory is within (under) the /home directory, and “other_directories” (including the one that will hold your website content) are within (under/beneath) the “username” directory, in a “tree-like” fashion. This is described by the *nix path description of:


When you log in with your FTP program, you are “automagically” deposited in the “username” directory - so you will not see it (you are already in it), or “home” (it is “above” your location in the directory tree).

In your case, where you actually are when you log in, is in the “/home/danpureportraits/” directory. The directory that your Control panel shows as being where your website is served from is "/home/danpureportraits/ so, from your ftp client’s display, you should see a directory called “”, and that is where you should upload content you want to be displayed on your site. :slight_smile:

This makes it particularly nice in the event that you want to host several websites, which you can do on DH for no additional hosting charges (you still need to pay for domain registration), as when you log in you can see each of your sites in their own directory, and upload to any of them by just changing the remote directory to the one appropriate for the web site.

If that doesn’t make it any clearer - post back, and I’ll make another attempt at explaining it.


ok cool well thanks for that.

So when i log in, i shoud see a folder named “” which i do.( Well, ive actually changed the name to HTDOCS via the control panel and created a folder manually called htdocs.)
So when i log in i should see the folder names HTDOCS, and in theory if i upload a webpage named index.html that should come up when i type in But unfortunatley it doesnt.
hmmm confusion…maybe im missing something here and i do apoligise for being stupid.
If all else fails maybe you can have a look in the ftp server if i email you relevent details…?



rlparker has explained the file structures in DH clearly. I think you are confused during the uploading process.

If you upload files via FTP from panel, you’ll be brought to the root folder. You will see three folders, maildir, logs, You should put your html files inside folder. You should not change to other names.

If you upload files via WebFTP from panel, you’ll be brought to the domain folder. You will see root/ in the tree list. It means you are already inside folder.

I hope you are clear about the file structure tree mentioned by rlparker by now. And what you need to do is to upload the file to the right folder.

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No problem… it’s strange, I checked out a while ago, and an index.html loaded (with a broken image - the “images” subdirectory did not exist), but now, all I see is a blank directory listing.

It looked like you actually had it “working” except for your image link.

If you want me to take a look at your directory structure, send me the necessary credentials via this forum’s PM system (you can change the password after I’ve checked it out).

I suppose if you really want to use htdocs (CaSe *DoEs MatTer - it must be the same in the Control Panel as well as the directory you create!), you can - by changing it as you did. Maybe you checked things “too soon” (before you all the changes had taken effect, and/or failed to clear your cache?).


ps. patricktan’s advice is good - but it should work either way as long as everything matches between the control panel and the directory structure - and you wait till all the changes have “taken” and clear your cache before attempting to view it.

That is a good point you make about where you “end up” when using FTP depends upon whether you are using a standalone FTP client, or the browser from the control panel, or webFTP! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I keep forgetting that people use other methods for FTP besides a full FTP client. :open_mouth:



Poor dan. Hope he will solve his “simple” problem soon.

Dan, please put your files inside the right folder root/

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