Complete NEWBIE questions about FTP

hi all! this is the first website i’ve ever built and i’m between a rock and a hard place right now! i’m lost as to how to get my files from my hard drive to viewable on my website address. i read somewhere that since i’m running windows xp, i already have an ftp client on my computer under “comand prompt” but i cannot for the life of me figure the darn thing out. i know, i’m a dork, but please help a gal out! :slight_smile:


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You can use Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Click on My Network Places
  3. On the left, in the section that says “Network Tasks”, click “Add a network place”
  4. “Welcome to the Add Network Place Wizard” pops up. click Next button
  5. Make sure “Choose another network location” is selected and click Next button
  6. Type in “” and click Next button
  7. Uncheck “Log in anonymously” and type in your username, then click Next button
  8. Choose a name for this place (ie “ FTP”) and click Next
  9. It gives you the option of logging in now then click Finish
  10. When logging in the first time, it will ask for the username and password. Fill in the password, make sure "Log in anonymously is unchecked and check “save password” if you want, then click Log On button
  11. You’re now using Internet Explorer as a graphic FTP client.
  12. If you right click on a file or directory, you can choose “Poperties” to change the permissions (called chmod). Unfortunately this panel doesn’t show you the octal representation.

However, the console-mode (‘text only mode’) version is pretty straightforward:

  1. Type “ftp” on the command line
  2. Enter username
  3. Enter password.
  4. commands:
    ls = show working directory contents (simple)
    ls -lag = show working directory contents including perms,size,timestamp, user and groups
    pwd = show working directory path
    cd = change working directory (hint - ‘…’ is parent directory)
    disconnect = log off FTP server
    quote site chmod permissions filename = change permissions, ie
    "quote site chmod 644 index.html"
    ascii = switch to ASCII upload mode for text files (alters new lines)
    binary = switch to BINARY upload mode for non-text files (preserves new lines)
    put local-filename = upload local file to current working directory
    recv remote-filename = download remote file
    recv remote-filename local-filename = download remote file and rename it

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[quote]You can use Internet Explorer


Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer… :slight_smile:

– Dan

Thanks Dan :slight_smile:
that gave me a chuckle

as for ftp, it’s well worth knowing the command line method.

I also believe that FTP is about as secure as Telnet (ie not really) so perhaps SSHFTP should be used?

If it’s for private use you can download a free GUI client from here:


alrighty thanks guys!!! :slight_smile: i’m gonna try those out tonite and see what the future holds for me…wish me luck!

UPDATE…ok i did the first option through the “adding a network place” wizard. when i choose to log on when i click finish it brings me to my browser but “cannot find server” error is the only thing i get. :frowning:

so i used the basic command prompt option. i’m now logged into my ftp. now what do i type to upload a file to my website? i know i know you’re probably thinking “who let this moron in here LOL!” thanks for all the help, this is the first time i’ve even begun to understand this FTP lingo. :slight_smile:


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so i used the basic command prompt option. i’m now logged into my ftp. now what do i type to upload a file to my website?

You’ll have to find the complete path of the file and type it in, like

ftp> put C:\Web\domain\index.htmlHint: Open an explorer window and find the file and then drag it into the console window. The entire path will be “typed” in for you.

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