Complete Incompetence or What?

I am writing this in the hopes of helping to prevent someone else from making the same decision that I did.

When my hosting account got hacked on another provider’s network, I came to DreamHost to try it out. I signed up for my hosted domain and registered the name on July 8. I immediately got the confirmation message that it was registered and if you look at ICANN, it’s all listed perfectly.

However, the DNS for the account still points to Enom’s servers. I waited for 24 hours to contact support. They said wait. After 48 hours, I tried again. No help.

It is July 18, and my DNS is still pointed at Enom servers. This is unacceptable. And every time I try to get support from DreamHost, they just put me off. Usually, they try the standard, you need to wait 48 hours…but then after I throw a fit, they realize their mistake and promise to fix it.

How tough can this be? I have never had a problem like this with any other hosting provider. Don’t make the mistake of registering a domain that is important to you by using DreamHost…it sucks. I lost my biggest client because I still can’t even produce one page to show them because DreamHost and Enom can’t get it together.

I have filed complaints with ICANN, FCC, and ENOM…hopefully something will give soon.

Well, we can’t look at ICANN, because you haven’t provided a link to your site.

I’m a little confused. Did you register the same domain name with DreamHost, or a different one? If you registered a different one, and signed up for hosting (it sounds like you did), you should be good.

Or are you trying to register the domain with DreamHost, but keep the hosting at Enom? Or vice versa?

All my domains are important to me, and they are all registered and hosted at DreamHost, and…it’s wonderful.

When I read that, I heard a little kid in my head yelling “I’m gonna tell my dad!” Seriously, I wonder if complaint posts like this are just fake posts planted by competitors. Providing an actual link would allay that.

If you do get this resolved, please tell us what the underlying problem was and how it was resolved. Could help someone else out down the road.