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what the?

What in the world is this?

–Matttail - personal website

Attention DreamHost Staff,

I am always experienceing a problem with your kidnapping of monkeys. This is completely Unreasonable! I have had the problem 55665555665566 times! I think i might leave.

I remember that when i was with my 486 apache server I NEVER had these problems!

My name is Cody Linneberg, and I have worked as Jesus since i was 4 years old! This problem should not happen!
All you have to do is lulz IDIOTS!

I can·t believe the staff of DreamHost are so pathetic! Because of your incompetence I am losing my hair!

From your angry user,

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Just out of curiosity, why are you using a hidden field to indicate that you’ve set a cookie. Couldn’t you just look for the cookie?

I have a suggestion: Add a “Fix Problem” button on the bottom. That should make everyone happy.