Compiling Software



I’m trying to build sphinx (an open source search engine lib that works with MySQL andPHP). However, it appears I’m exceeding some kind of process limit.

Has anyone had any good experiences getting tech support to help with this?

It’s not like I need a private server, just enough flex to do a compile, and then drop back to normal operations.


Have you tried using nice on your compile process?



G’day Winton,

Did you have any luck with Sphinx?

My understanding was that Sphinx runs as a background daemon and DH does NOT support this.

But I was looking at it about a year ago. I haven’t looked at it too hard recently. Has anything changed?



If it runs as a daemon, you are precluded from running it on a DreamHost shared server by the Terms of Service (TOS).

What has changed that may be relevant (if you can compile it!) is that DreamHost Private Servers may now be available, and you may run such things on a PS server.



Hey rlparker,

That is useful information! I was looking at a dedicated box somewhere else so I could run sphinx.

I didn’t realise that DHPS would allow me to compile and run sphinx as a daemon.

Just so I’m not missing anything you mention “(if you can compile it!)” Why would you say that? Are there some known issues that may cause a problem?

I’m pretty new to *nix but seem to be able to work a few things out with the power of search and will power :wink:



There are not any issues that I know of as far as compiling it, but I don’t have a PS environment so I don’t know if it exactly mirrors what is available on the shared environment…and there is always the possibility of dependency issues, conflicting library version, etc. so I qualified my statement.

For instance, some things compile fine in the shared environment, while other things need considerable tweakage! :wink:



Hey Winton,

How did you get on with building sphinx? Just wondering if you were able to do it in the end or if you had to move to another host?

I am running the make file but receiving a couple of errors which suggest its not going to happen.

make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
[server]$ g++: Internal error: Killed (program cc1plus)



For the record, anyone else who is looking at sphinx for search on DreamHost.

You will need a DreamHostPS. Then you can compile and run sphinx as a daemon in the background without any issues (so far :wink:

Everything went smoothly.
I did not need to contact support for any help, I had read on another forum that someone had to ask support for sudo but I did not experience this.

Hope this helps anyone else looking to use this awesome engine.