Compiling PHP5 with zlib

I’m using this guide ( to install a custom version of PHP5.

Unfortunately, it fails while trying to download the “zlib” package from The wget command consistently returns a “no data” or “unexpected EOF” error.

At first I thought that server had gone down or the URL had changed, but I was able to download the package to my own PC without trouble. In the end, I uploaded it myself and commented out the wget command.

But I still have no idea why the download works on my own computer, but not on the DH server.

Edit: And right on cue, the DH server goes down entirely.

Edit2: But that’s apparently just a rack switch. I’m on millhouse.

Downloads fine for me on butler.

Yes, it’s worked for me too since the server restart. Perhaps the network problem was related to the imminent shutdown in some way.