Compiling PHP

Ok… I’ll admit up front that I’m not a unix techno-weenie, but I have been around computer stuff for quite awhile… (I was a mainframe programmer in a former life and am currently a network admin w/ experience in Netware 3, 4, 5, and Win NT/2K)…

So here goes my question… does anyone have some simple instructions on how to compile my own copy of PHP with IMAP support?? (Please don’t direct me to the dh kb… that just tells me what to do with the PHP after I’ve got it compiled… )

I think I’ve figured out how to build the PHP to run as a CGI, but don’t know how to build the c-client libs so that I can get IMAP support in PHP.

Anyone have any ideas??

(This all started because I wanted to create a portal using either HORDE/IMP, or maybe PHProjekt or phpgroupware… someday I’ll learn to just be satisfied with what I have…)